Welcome in PUMAlab

PUMAlab is an additional support tool for users.

PUMA achieves a controlled tool of self-archiving of research results (metadata and digital documents) and collecting the widespread need shared by many:

  • Normalize the process of data collection, to deposit them only once;
  • Check the quality of data collected and give authority to the content and certification;
  • Update files and maintain over time the availability of data and services;
  • Retrieve bibliographic information from existing archives;
  • Manage access rights to the digital document according to copyright law and assign a unique identifier to the documents;
  • search and retrieve documents filed;
  • Create bibliographic lists sorted by type, by year, by author, by group, by contract, etc.. according to requirements;
  • Re-use the same data for different applications and services (eg research evaluation, data exchange with the CNR, Institute bibliographies and / or the researcher, personal web pages or Institute, etc.);
  • Exchange of bibliographic information with internal and external systems to CNR according to standard protocols (eg OAI-PMH);
  • Increase the national and international visibility to the scientific production (through search engines like Google Scholar, etc..);
  • Participate in the movement "Open Acces" making available documents that may be distributed freely (see OpenAIRE (before DRIVER, OAIster) etc..).


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